The following notice is intended to provide clarity to Yarmouth Schools policy regarding staff and students returning to school after traveling outside of Maine.  Previously, we had indicated that anyone traveling back home from another state must quarantine for 14 days or provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 PCR swab test.  To determine the need for quarantining or testing, please review the updated information below: 

  • This expectation is waived if the travel was only to states on Maine’s exempted list (currently Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont). 
  • “Travel” in this case is defined as spending more than 15 minutes in a location. Driving through a state not on the exempted list on your way to an exempt state and stopping for gas for several minutes does not count as travel exposure. Stopping overnight at a hotel in a non-exempt state does count as travel exposure.
  • Anyone seeking to provide documentation of a negative result on a PCR swab test must wait for at least four days after returning to Maine from a non-exempt state before testing.
  • A non-PCR test, such as an antigen or antibody test, is not accepted to forgo quarantine for visitors and those returning to Maine.
  • Any travel outside of Maine must result in communication with the school nurse, in order to confirm understanding of the expectations for returning to school.

Thank you for your cooperation in all aspects of our School Reopening Plan.