An individual associated with William H. Rowe School has been determined by the CDC to be ill with a probable case of COVID-19. Because this individual developed symptoms less than 48 hours after having been at school, we have been directed to notify families of students who had close contact with the individual that they must quarantine their child for 14 days from last contact.  If you do not receive a call, then your child was not one who had close contact with this individual.  However, there is a possibility that other staff or students came in contact with this person and may be exposed to the virus.  Please monitor your child for signs and symptoms and keep your child home if they are feeling ill. 

Adding to today’s challenge is the fact that this individual worked closely with several staff members, which results in quarantining of those persons, as well.  This has a significant impact on the school’s ability to deliver programming to students.  You will be notified if this depletion in our workforce will impact our ability to provide services to your child at school.

The CDC provides specific guidance regarding individual quarantining and our ability to keep the school open for in-person instruction.  We continue to rely on their knowledge and experience and will maintain the current schedule at Rowe School for all students and staff who are not impacted by this case.